"We make a pretty good team, you know."


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Well, soon she will be.

Touch has a memory.

Hairporn: Stana Katic Version



Yesssssssss, they kept it.

Shooting in the loft? Hmmmm. Rick, Kate, Martha and Alexis? Or just Rick, Alexis and Martha?

It’s the perfect ninja disguise; a white American working as a Yakuza enforcer. He’s hiding in plain sight. | requested by afroditajbl

caskett au → During childbirth, Kate’s heart stopped and she passed, breaking a promise to Castle that she would never let him raise their children alone. Rick braves through the child’s baby years, but as she grows, she begins to look a lot more like her mother and it becomes harder for him to cope. Kate may be gone, but Ariel is still there: the piece of her mother that he will have forever.

you make saving the world magical. (x)